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Why I started 2018 offline!

If you think, this all was planned from longhand and I really wanted a Social Media Detox, then you are wrong. It all just happened and let me tell you, completely out of nowhere it just made „Booom“ and there was nothing, no signal no network just silence my boyfriend & me in the middle of nowhere in Egypt.

But let me give you a quick update in case you missed my 100 Instastories before I left the WorldWideWeb for almost 5 days.

Due to my boyfriends work, you know famous DJ and so on, we were lucky and spent our New Year`s Eve in Soma Bay where we decided to extend this work-trip and add some proper vacay to it. He surprised me with a Nile Cruise containing lots of sightseeing and history. Quite nice, don’t you think so?

The fact that we were about to face 5 days without network and internet, was completely unexpected for us and we were not prepared at all. No last goodbye to our families, no last Instastory, no last picture upload on Social Media. All of a sudden we were gone and some of you might wondered were we have been.

Well, this unexpected but not unwanted Social Media Detox made us enjoy every second to the fullest and literally inhale all the things we were able to visit.

We daily woke up between 04:00 - 06:00 had a quick breakfast and started our tour visiting the most amazing temples, pyramids and monuments the ancient Egyptians built. We focused on the „Here and now“ we focused on each other and completely forgot our 100 unanswered mails, our Whatsapp and daily Instaposts. We had time, so much time and we spent it well, oh so well.

It’s ridiculous how many hours we daily spend in front of our devices, no matter if it’s for work or in our private life's. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, not at all, don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live or work without that.

But my lesson definitely is, to organize my time a little better. I’m going to make certain offline hours per day, to be able to focus on the reality, the present, the here and now!

Offline is the new Luxury - but I need to admit, I missed my connection to the world out there and to you guys a little.

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