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Paris Fashion Week with MAC Cosmetics!

I couldn’t hide my excitement when I received a request from MAC Cosmetics to team up for Paris Fashion Week and fly together to the city of love and fashion!

Since I got introduced to the world of Make-up, MAC Cosmetics always was a constant and loyal companion.

The night before I could barely sleep, cause I knew all my fashion Idols will be in the same city. My mental cinema went crazy and I was thinking of how to react when I would come across Negin Mirsalehi, Valentina Marzullo, Caroline Daur, Caroline Vreeland, Olivia Culpo… Should I play it cool? Or should I just let go and behave like a groupie, which I actually am? Am I confident enough to ask for a picture? Or shy, like always and regret it afterwards?

You'll never guess what happened after I wrote these lines…

My 3 days in Paris with MAC Cosmetics for Paris Fashion week, turned out to be just lit!

I got introduced to the MAC family, explored Paris in a whole different way and was able to experience my own little backstage moment. The creative heads from MAC managed to create a big backstage area with many secret rooms and things happening at the same time, this was literally the best part of it.

And yes I was able to see both Carolines - Daur & Vreeland and yes I behaved like a groupie. With Vreeland I just tried to get some eye contact in a cafe which didn’t worked, we smiled at each other but nothing more, but I managed to talk to Caro Daur. She is big in business but behaves like the girl next door, she took some time to talk to me, asked me about my opinions, of how I see her in Social Media. I adore her kindness and how authentic she really is. What we see on Social Media is how she really is and she doesn’t give you the feeling to be no one or less important, cause of your lack of Followers. She is real and I truly wish there would be more girls like her!

All in all it was a great experience which I will never forget, I was introduced to the most amazing people, was able to take a look behind the scenes and also added some Make-Up Know-How to my Life.

Thank you MAC Cosmetics!

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