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"My Life"

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

That's the headline of "Seitenblicke Magazin" a wellknown Magazin in Austria. The article basically explains why I started living after working 10 years of my life in a Marketing/Advertising & Promotion -business, 8 of those years I took over the leading part in that agencies and after all those years I felt empty. I was working 24/7, close of getting a Burn Out and not happy with how i treated people anymore. Always dreaming about my life instead of living the dream.

I changed my life completely and finally I'm able to do what I love, to work on projects I'm happy about. There was always too much fear, which kept me from doing this earlier.

I can only tell you guys out there: DO IT! or otherwise there will always be this WHAT IF! Follow your dreams and work on making them come true! Everything is possible!

x natalie

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