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Introducing the PMD Clean Pro Gold

Or as I call it, the absolute game changer on the beauty market because there is so much more you should know about this perfectly designed beauty cleansing device. This device is stepping up the whole skincare game for real because the PMD Clean Pro Gold PMD breaks down dirt & oil from within the pores at 7000 vibrations per minute, whilst it makes sure to operate at a perfect frequency to lift, firm & tone the skin.

But lets talk about the golden side of this magic device, it is actually a 24K gold plating which warms/heats up and is a patent-pending ActiveWarmth technology from PMD which helps to absorb the skin care products and reduces aging. Gold also helps to produce healthy collagen and it is a fact, I like this a lot ;)

Talking about all the facts of this heavenly sent device let me tell you how easy it is to use it on a daily base. I completely integrated it to my skin care routine (mornings & evenings) after realising the importance of a proper make-up removal & cleansing.

I always completely underestimated the importance of removing make-up for

real and I believed just soap would do its job, not knowing it could cause extensive damage to your skin during the night (besides very dry skin). Most make-up is made of oily substances, when it is not being completely removed it clogs the pores and leads to the appearance of more acne and blackhead breakouts. So let me tell you, how important it is to keep you skin clean in the right way, cause obviously i did so wrong all this time.

Besides the right cleansing device you should also give importance to the products you use for removing and moisturising your skin. PMD created the perfect products for its device to step up that skin care game to the next level. The soothing antioxidant cleanser, cleans down to the pores and makes sure your skin is clean without

stripping the skin's natural barrier.

The anti-aging moisturizer makes sure your skin gets all the hydration needed.

And is there anything better than a plumping face mask? Well not for me, I love to treat myself with a fine sheet mask that instantly calms my skin.

I believe we should only do what is best and works for our skin, as we only have that one we live in!

Where you can find the products? well here

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I could inspire you!

x natalie

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