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Cape Town 2.0

It's hard finding the right words to begin this blog post about my second trip to the Mother City. Words like 'perfect', 'incredible' and 'breathtaking', still only hardly describe the real beauty of this country. I could use the word perfect a hundred times and still it wouldn't be accurate. Maybe you should continue reading to understand where I'm coming from.

The easiest way to understand what I'm talking about is, to jump on the next plane and visit this beautiful place. But meanwhile, let me explain to you what I explored and discovered on my second trip to this special piece of earth.

In case you have missed my first trip to South Africa you can find all my impressions and very useful tips here Cape Town 1.0. I'd highly recommend reading this one first before heading to this article.

Same same but very different - why we came to CT

Like last year we (my boyfriend and me) could count ourselves very lucky for being able to work in Cape Town for New Year's Eve, as we got booked for the 'Blue Marlin Ibiza' event at the Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town, the second year in a row.

For those who are not following my daily life on Instagram, my boyfriend Camilo Franco is a DJ/Producer and started teaching me his skills about 4 years ago. Ever since we are traveling and working together in the music business.

The Boho Experience

Exactly 4 years ago Camilo and I created the 'Boho Experience' an event, where our goal was to unite

all the Bohemians out there, to create a tribe of artists in the strong belief that everyone, every person has an art. This idea, this thought, this concept in our heads, became reality, due to hard work and lots of effort.

4 years later...

Wait for it - okay you have waited enough ;)

After 4 years, we were able to organize our 'Boho Experience' in Cape Town and this is what we did on the 11th of January 2020.

follow our journey here

Life is an unexpected journey - when strangers become friends for life

During our preparations for our event, we got so much support from people we hardly or not even knew before this trip. Everyone believed in us and wanted to be part of this project. We met incredible souls and made friends for life. We encountered so much love and this made our journey so special.

I don't know if it is the country, the people, us or a combination of it all, but every single person we got to know on this road, if native or not encountered us with so much love.

The Sea

Last time no chance, but this year we had our first swim in the Atlantic ocean and it was magical. As the outside temperature was quite hot, it was a more than a welcome refreshment.

The Safety

Trust your gut! Luckily nothing happened to us this time, but we were always aware and avoided dangerous situations. My first post describes Does&Dont's very detailed.


Whilst our stay in Cape Town, we had almost daily several hours without electricity due to the current issue Eskom (the provider) is having. Yes, at this point you truly realize how much we are relying on electricity. We take it for granted. I liked being locked away from the outside world these few hours per day, as I was getting used to it.

Download the eskom app, to be informed about load-shedding

In addition to our first trip, which was completely different, I managed to add some well-selected Tipps I'd like to share with all of you.

Adding some Restaurants, Hot Spots & Things to do to my list from Cape Town 1.0

Healthy Food Spots

Scheckter's Raw



Delicious Restaurants


Villa 47

12 Apostles

The Silo

Bouchon Bistro

Cap to Cuba

Nights out

Shimmy Beach Club

Grand Africa

Hot Spots & Things to do

The Old Biscuit Mill Market

The Grendel

The OZCF Market

Delaire Graff

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I could inspire you!

x natalie

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