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Bruges got me like... completely unexpected!

Have you ever heard of Bruges? Well I didn’t know this romantic, beautiful and picturesque city even existed.

My Valentine surprised me with this trip and even when we arrived to Brussels airport I had no clue, where this journey would lead us to.

Bruges is about 1hour by train from Brussels and perfect for a weekend getaway or even a little longer. Well he decided to take me there for 4 days which was absolutely perfect.

If I had known about this place before it would have been definitely on my bucket list and you should also add it to yours. Keep reading below for all highlights and the best restaurants you definitely don’t want to miss in Bruges!

Where to eat in Bruges - First things first!

Le pain quotidien - For breakfast lovers!

That moment you enter a restaurant and you are amazed by the interior design and even more by the food! Highly recommended place for healthy breakfasts in the heart of Bruges.

De Koetse - the traditional kitchen!

If you are looking for something very traditional and get to know Belgium`s tasty kitchen “De Koetse” is highly recommended.

Bhavani - Indian Cuisine!

I’m a lover of Indian cuisine and if we are on the same page, you shouldn’t miss this place.

Gruuthuse Hof - for lovers of tradition!

A little fancy but not too fancy, a little cozy but not too cozy, simply perfect! This is where we spent our last night and I would do it over and over again.

You wonder if we are professional Restaurant tester? We wish we where, but a very important part of holidays is good food and that's what we are looking for everywhere we go. With my recommendations you can't fail :)

Besides Food there is a lot more to discover in Bruges tough! This historical city has a lot to offer.

Here's what you shouldn't miss...

1. Windmills of Bruges!

Take a walk along the ramparts with its windmills.

2. The church of our lady!

An amazing cothic chruch which will blow your mind.

3. The Belfry of Bruges!

One of the cities most prominent symbols is the 83meter high tower in the very heart of Bruges. Show your sporty side, it's 366 steps to the top but the view is worth it.

4. Lake of Love!

It’s a great place to be with someone you love!

5. Get lost!

Walk, get lost, discover, get amazed and enjoy!

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