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25 hours in Vienna

Take it for granted, Vienna is without any doubt a city which will always play a special role in my life. I lived there for 10 years and one day I will be back for sure. Whenever I’m in Vienna I try to go to all my favorite spots and one of them is definitely the 25Hours Hotel in the very heart of Vienna.

This place is magical from head to toe and you shouldn’t miss it, when being in Austria's beautiful capital. Take a look inside and get overwhelmed by its impressive interior design. Life is like a circus, colorful, playful and varied.

If I’m not staying there overnight, you can find me on the rooftop enjoying the views over the city or at their tasty restaurant called 1500Foodmakers. My tip for all the f

oodies out there! But my personal highlight is, spending the night there :) which I’m doing right now! Special hint to all the Lovebirds out there (also to you amor). Any plans for Valentines day? If you don’t know, now you know :) Invite your girl for a romantic stay in vienna’s beautiful 25Hours hotel.

In collaboration with 25Hours hotel, thanks for having me.

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